Welcome to Allbot

Know-how to Read

  • Allbot, meaning "all is a bot", is an artificial intelligence (AI) laboratory developing facilities and applications for the digital asset simulation system Quarkonium. It is focused on software and ecosystem.
  • Allbotization is the key concept to automate the adaptation of AI applications in the Quarkonium system.
  • BOT is the Allbot™'s branded AI platform and hub to support AI implementation compatible to the Quarkonium system.

Guide to Test (for Developers)

Note: You should have a Quarkonium™ identity (QID) before starting the Allbot application development.

How to Get Quarkonium™ ID?

How to Setup BOT?

  • Pre-requisite: nodejs, electron, meteor, etc.
  • Download BOT
  • Follow in the README.md in the BOT package to setup the environment

API and Manual

Steps OTG (for Users)

Note: Before you start using Allbot products or services, you should have a Dasset™ account (DAC, for end-users) or Quarkonium™ identity (QID, for admin-users).

How to Get Dasset™ Account (DAC)?

How to Get Quarkonium™ ID (QID)?

Installation & Configuration

  • No download needed.
  • Login Dasset™ to activate your Dasset™ account which would be your token to access the Quarkonium™.
  • Login your designated quarkonium

Get Ready

  • Topup
  • Early bird program
  • Referral program
  • Dassetization for Level II users
  • Allbotization for Level III users
  • Quarkonization for Level IV users


  • Alphabet Inc.
  • Huawei Inc.